A Better Approach …

If you are serious about your child's future in basketball, wouldn't it be a huge benefit to train before your child even steps in the classroom every morning? We understand it's not going to be for every child, but while you consider that whatever they do in life, having a strong work ethic on and off the court will only make them more successful and bring good healthy habits in life beyond the court.

Think about it … traditional school started with Ford to have a regime of factory workers in the midwest. It's not very helpful nowadays with kids learning and becoming more independent at a younger age each decade. Being involved in sports helps mold children into productive adults. 

World Class Facilities:
JW's approach has developed several NBA players you already know. 
Located at Ladera Sports Center in Ladera Ranch is the most recent state of the art facility on the west coast. 8 Courts, plenty of classroom space in an air conditioned healthy environment. 


Our Goals for Our Graduates


To be academically ready when becoming a freshman at any high level school.


Becoming the elite athlete and fully prepared for varsity.


Becoming a leader in the community 

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If you are serious about your education and future on the court. Then JW Academy is your key to success.

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